Jennifer Onyibia

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”.—- Victor Pinchuk.
I’ve always been fascinated by voices on radio. It’s always bold, piercing and direct that it may seem like a friend sitting across from you. It has the ability to reform using the most simplest of tools(voice).
I’m Jennifer Aghoghomena Onyibia from Ethiope East, Delta State. I’m a graduate of English and Literary Studies from Delta State University, Abraka. I enjoy art and good food. I write poems, short stories and plays.
I’m a presenter at Crown FM Asaba. I run the programme ” Heart 2 Heart” which has a vibe of friendship, passion and fun. It runs from 7-11pm while on Saturdays is “Saturday Flex” from 8-12am. My social media handles are;

Facebook: @Jennifer Onyibia Swatian
Instagram: @mena890

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