Mondays – Fridays is Heart 2 Heart which is made up of four segments. The first segment, Dinner Set looks at funny pictures or any eye-catching picture then creating a story around it. Every Monday is for Bible quiz – I Sabi Bible, while every Friday is for Moonlight Tales

The second segment Suya is all about feeding the soul. It dwells on issues that people encounter daily but won’t normally talk about such as depression, fear, failure, hate, pain etc and how to fight or overcome them.

The third segment – Evening Yanings is about trendy stories that deal with almost any topics and callers get to share their opinions about them, sometimes proffering solutions they see fit.

To wrap up the shift is Motivation Salute. What better way is there to go to bed than with an encouraged heart? It deals with quotes from people who are found to be introspective, successful, peace loving, purposeful amongst others. It’s good to sleep right to wake right! 

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